Our contactless data-over-voice technology ensures secure and seamless proximity transactions.


Mobile Validator terminal

Mobile Validator terminal enables reliable mobile and contactless transactions.

ID Device terminal

Terminal, which enables mobile and contactless card payments at all sorts of selling points.

Validator terminal

The Validator terminal is implemented in our Smart City Solution systems. Daily commuters and visitors are granted access to certain part of the city's infrastructure just by a call or contactless car...

Terminal aPOS

It ensures mobile payments on all selling points or machines, which are capable of automatised independent use. The aPOS terminal is mostly used for our Moneta solutions.

Self service terminal

The self-service terminal combines all Margento technologies. It is a self-standing device, enabling chardging and checking the balance on your contactless card.


The system was created with an emphasis on practicality and simplicity, with the aim of creating mobile transaction technology that can be used for multiple useful services in the easiest, most secure and cost effective manner.

In order to provide a world-class level of service in usually complex projects, Margento's underlying technology and solutions need to be proven and dependable, highly scalable and flexible, developed and maintained by teams who possess a broad base of expertise across different industries.


Margento offers proven Platform architecture, modular software solutions and reliable point of sale/point of use equipment, know-how and extensive industry experience, by delivering mobile transaction solutions that take your business forward.


  • Data-Over-Voice (DOV)  

  • Near-Field Communication (NFC)  

  • Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)


  • Tablet, Phone / Mobile App  

  • EMV Terminals  

  • Bespoke Hardware


  • Core  

  • Modules  

  • Interfaces / Gateways


We strive to provide unparalleled transaction solutions in all aspects, from Face-2-Face locations (bricks and mortar), with support for arious terminal equipment, to centralized Platforms for conducting transaction capturing, processing and communication with different 3rd party entities.



To implement solutions on Face-2-Face locations, we utilize various hardware equipment, ranging from generic, dedicated to bespoke variants, which are currently active across the globe with Margento technology implementations.

  • Mobile phones & tablets with Android /iOS,
  • Terminal equipment from various producers,
  • In-house developed hardware

When conducting "the last inch" interaction between two entities, Margento uses various technologies, including:

  • Unique and universal - Data Over Voice (DOV)
  • Generic mobile handset related (USSD, SMS, BLE, NFC, QR…)
  • Plastic cards (MagStripe, Chip or Contactless)




DOV stands for proprietary contactless data-over-voice transaction technology. Using the voice channel of the customer’s mobile phone, DOV ensures fast, highly secure and cost-effective wireless transmission of transaction messages in Face-2-Face solutions.

Key advantages

  • does not require a mobile app to operate – uses voice call
  • works on any handset, independent of its OS platform
  • does not interact with the mobile operator’s core services.  




Margento Platform is a set of applications developed by Margento’s engineers and is the central point of the Margento System.  The platform performs several roles and tasks:

  • Transaction Capturing
  • Transaction Processing
  • Customer Account Issuing (Mobile & Cards)
  • Stored Value Account Management
  • Clearing & Settlement
  • Merchant Management
  • Reporting & Analyses
  • Charge Aggregation, Refunds & Reversals
  • Customer Support Tools



We provide industry specific products, solutions and services.
On any phone.


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